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IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson in Stained Class Merch!

Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN in our Horns T-shirt

IRON MAIDEN’s Bruce Dickinson in Stained Class Merch!

Bruce Dickinson IRON MAIDEN in BLK horns


Yes… are seeing this correctly….Bruce Dickinson of IRON MAIDEN is wearing Stained Class Merch’s Horns T-shirt!

Who better to wear this design than the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN?!?!  If you’ve ever been to an IRON MAIDEN concert you would know that the majority of the individuals there are doing one of two things: 1) wearing an Iron Maiden Tour T-shirt and/or 2) flying their horns with pride!!!!  We don’t think that it’s possible to go to a live music concert, especially metal, and not see this symbol!  It’s the audiences way of showing appreciation to the band and the music!


Do you love heavy metal?

Do you appreciate live music?

Why not show up to your next live concert wearing Stained Class Merch’s HORNS T-shirt and fly your horns with pride!!

Horns BLK T

Click on the t-shirt above or HERE to purchase your Horns T-shirt today!  They are available for Men in sizes SMALL to 5X-LARGE as well as for Ladies in 2 different styles of dresses (tank and tee)!  Just click on the style you like and it’ll take you straight to the online Facebook store!  Buy yours today and #DaretoWearStainedClassMerch!!!!

**If you would like to carry this t-shirt as a wholesaler please contact us via email at or via our contact page (via the link below).  We would be more than happy to discuss the possibility with you!**

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