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MADBALL in Stained Class Merch

Freddie MADBALL in Stained Class Merch

Checkout MADBALL in Stained Class Merch!

MADBALL in Stained Class Merch…

Madball on stage with Hardcore Uber Alles

We are very thankful for the support of bands around the world and in turn we encourage EVERYONE to support live music!

Check out our brother Freddy MADBALL wearing one of our Stained Class Merch designs (Hardcore Uber Alles) in their video for The Beast.  We were fortunate enough to be able to be there on the day of filming and are honoured that Freddie MADBALL chose our design to wear in the video.  It’s an incredible site to see MADBALL in Stained Class Merch!

These boys are incredible at what they do and know just how to DEMONSTRATE THEIR STYLE!  Thanks again for all you do for live music and for your support!

Madball BEAST video pic

To watch the video “The Beast”  please click here and HERE if you would like to buy the T-shirt Freddy Madball is wearing!

Men Hardcore Uber Alles BLK T front onlyFreddy MADBALL in Hardcore Uber Alles T-shirt

Mitts Madball can also be seen in this Hardcore music lover’s T-shirt!

Mitts MADBALL in BLK Hardcore Uber Alles









Leave your comments below.  Were you at that particular concert?!


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