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The Libertines in Stained Class Merch!

Carl Barat and Peter Doherty from the Libertines in StainedClassMerch

The Libertines in Stained Class Merch!

Yes, you read that correctly!  The Libertines in Stained Class Merch!

The Libertines, who have recently reunited and are on their European tour, are in Stained Class Merch!  Take a look at Peter Doherty and Carl Barat wearing our Union Jack horns t-shirts!

Carl Barat and Peter Doherty from the Libertines in StainedClassMerch

Carl is wearing the bright version of the Union Jack horns t-shirt and Peter is wearing the faded version t-shirt.


The band have already done gigs in the UK and Germany but will be continuing their tour in Amsterdam, Belgium and Paris just to name a few locations.  Click here to see all their tour dates.
Men's Union Jack bright black T-shirt      Men's Union Jack faded black T-shirt

To purchase the t-shirt Carl Barat is wearing click here – this link will take you to our Facebook store for the bright version of our Union Jack Horns T-shirt.  If you prefer the faded version of this t-shirt, like the one Peter Doherty is wearing, click here to be taken to our Facebook store.

If black is not your colour our Union Jack Flag T-shrit also comes in WHITE for Men…

Men's Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt



Don’t feel left out!  We also have T-shirts and a dress for you!  Follow the links below to purchase yours today!


Ladies' Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt (faded)Ladies' Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt bright









For the faded version of this Ladies’ Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt click here.

For the bright version of this Ladies’ Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt click here.


Ladies' Union Jack Flag Horns T-shirt white Ladies' Union Jack Flag Horns Dress











For the faded version of this Ladies’ Union Jack Horns Flag T-shirt in WHITE click here.

For the Ladies’ Union Jack Flag Horns DRESS click here.

















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Estepona Tattoo Convention | Expo Tattoo Estepona

Estepona 2016

To read this post in English, please scroll down!  Thank you.

Vamos a estar en la 3ª Expo Tattoo Estepona el 1ª, 2ª y 3ª de abril!

Estepona 2016
2016 marca la tercera Expo Tattoo Estepona y la tercera vez que Stained Class Merch participará!  Hemos visto crecer esta convención y esperamos que usted vendrá por echar un vistazo para usted mismo.

La convención tiene lugar durante un período de 3 días (viernes, sábado y domingo) con eventos que tienen lugar cada día, tales como exposiciones y actuaciones.  Todas las noches concluye con un concurso de mejor tatuajes en por categorías de color, negro y gris y mejor del dia.  También habrá un concurso de Mr. y Mrs. Tattoo.  Echa un vistazo aquí para ver qué puede esperar cada día.

Habrá más de 40 tatuadores de Praga, Italia, Gibraltar y toda España con invitado especial Manuel del Río de Lolo tattoox de Madrid.  Para ver todos las artistas que estará a la 3ª Expo Tattoo Estepona clic aquí y para aprender más sobre Lolo tattoox y Manuel del Río echa un vistazo a su página de Facebook aquí.

Nos encantaría veros en la 3ª Expo Tattoo Estepona así que por favor venir y decir hola!  Si gustaría comprar una de nuestras camisetas, y saber cuál, por favor, avísenos (a través de Facebook o correo electrónico – para que podamos estar seguros de tenerlo con nosotros cuando vienen! ¡¡¡¡Nos vemos allí!!!!


We will be at the 3rd Estepona Tattoo Convention on April 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

Estepona 2016

2016 marks the 3rd annual Estepona Tattoo Convention and Stained Class Merch’s third time participating!  We have seen this convention grow and hope that you’ll come by take a look for yourself.

The convention takes place over a 3 day period (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) with events taking place each day such as expositions and performances.  Every evening concludes with a competition for best tattoo in different categories including colour and black & grey.  There will also be a Mr. & Mrs Tattoo competition.  Take a look here to see what to expect each day.

There will be over 40 tattooists in attendance from Prague, Italy, Gibraltar and all over Spain with special guest artist Manuel del Rio from Lolo tattoox from Madrid.  To see all the artist attending the Estepona Tattoo Convention click here and to learn more about Lolo tattoox and Manuel del Rio check out his Facebook page here.

We would love to see you at the Estepona Tattoo Convention so please come by and say hi!  If you would like to purchase one of our shirts, and know which one, please let us know (via Facebook or email – so that we can be sure to have it with us when you come by!  SEE YOU THERE!!!!


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Our controversial Horns Design

Billy Biohazard in our controversial horns design

Our controversial Horns Design…..

Horns BLK T

Billy Biohazard from the hardcore band BIOHAZARD is wearing our controversial Horns T-shirt design, which was one of our first ever designs and has caused controversy ever since.

We own the European Trade mark for this design as well as the world copyright and as a natural progression of our aspiring designs, we dared to trade mark it in the USA as NO ONE had ever trade marked the horns hand logo there before.  We felt confident all would be fine however one hell of a fight with the University of texas ensued!!

After a year long battle, the threat of being sued and taken to court in texas (like that would be a fair trial!) and $25,000 in lawyers fees, we had to agree to drop our trademark claim in the USA.  Nevertheless, we managed to negotiate several important points;

  1. we were able to sell in the USA but NOT in texas,
  2. they would NOT steal or use our Horns design and
  3. not object to my USA copyright of the design.

The big downside is that we had to agree to let them trade mark an inferior version of OUR horns design which we believe was completed in 2014, a full 5 years after our design was first registered in Europe!

As a result, ALL of our horns designs are BANNED in texas but not the other US states.  So much for “land of the FREE,” eh!!!  These actions have NOT deterred us but instead have inspired us to create a new brand….BANNED IN TEXAS…which will offer Americans the opportunity to purchase our Horns Designs state side.

Men's Banned in Texas flag

If you are interested in purchasing a horns design T-shirt, visit our webstore!  We are able to deliver to any state apart from texas.

Do you own a retail store and want to carry our designs?  We have printers in LA who can print all our designs for retail outlets not located in texas.  If you are interested, or know someone who may be, please contact us at



Leave a comment below letting us know what you think of our controversial Horns Design!


**photo credit:  Billy and Bobby Biohazard by CINDY FREY
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MADBALL in Stained Class Merch

Freddie MADBALL in Stained Class Merch

Checkout MADBALL in Stained Class Merch!

MADBALL in Stained Class Merch…

Madball on stage with Hardcore Uber Alles

We are very thankful for the support of bands around the world and in turn we encourage EVERYONE to support live music!

Check out our brother Freddy MADBALL wearing one of our Stained Class Merch designs (Hardcore Uber Alles) in their video for The Beast.  We were fortunate enough to be able to be there on the day of filming and are honoured that Freddie MADBALL chose our design to wear in the video.  It’s an incredible site to see MADBALL in Stained Class Merch!

These boys are incredible at what they do and know just how to DEMONSTRATE THEIR STYLE!  Thanks again for all you do for live music and for your support!

Madball BEAST video pic

To watch the video “The Beast”  please click here and HERE if you would like to buy the T-shirt Freddy Madball is wearing!

Men Hardcore Uber Alles BLK T front onlyFreddy MADBALL in Hardcore Uber Alles T-shirt

Mitts Madball can also be seen in this Hardcore music lover’s T-shirt!

Mitts MADBALL in BLK Hardcore Uber Alles









Leave your comments below.  Were you at that particular concert?!


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Showing support

We love to be involved in all events, whether large or small.  Maybe you have seen us out and about showing our support.  If you do see us, be sure to come by and introduce yourself.  We enjoy meeting fans of good music.


Leave a comment below and let us know where you’ve seen us out in the world!

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Richie from JUDAS PRIEST

Richie JUDAS PRIEST in UK flag horns

Thank you brother Richie for supporting Stained Class Merch!

Richie Faulkner, from Judas Priest, is wearing our faded UK Flag Horns T-shirt.

Click on the picture or here to buy this t-shirt.  It is available in Men’s and Ladies’ sizes in both black and white Ts.

Men’s Ts are available in sizes SMALL to 5X-LARGE.  Click on the picture to purchase your UK flag HORNS t-shirt today!


men's Union Jack BLK faded men's Union Jack WHT faded

Ladies’ Ts are available in sizes Small to XX-Large.  Click on the pictures below to buy your UK (faded) Horns T-shirt today!

female UK Faded BLK

female UK flag Faded WHT



You can also purchase the bright version of this T-shirt by clicking on the pictures below.

Men’s Ts are available in sizes SMALL to 5X-LARGE.

Ladies’ Ts are available in sizes Small to XX-Large.

men's Union Jack BLK bright

female UK flag Bright BLK


LADIES…….there is also a dress (available in sizes Small to X-Large)!

dress UK










Thanks for stopping by and #DaretoWearStainedClassMerch!!!

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!